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Paper Towels Centerfeed

WEPA comfort Centerfeed Rolls

Paper towels centerfeed WEPA prestige

Centerfeed rolls in WEPA prestige quality. High water absorption, high strengths and whiteness.

WEPA prestige
2lagig / 2ply

WEPA comfort Centerfeed Rolls

Paper towels centerfeed WEPA comfort

High white, high strength and absorbency - typically WEPA Comfort
Awarded with the EU Ecolabel

wepa comfort
1lagig/ 1ply 2lagig / 2ply
EU Ecolabel Certified


Paper towel rolls centerfeed

100% recycled, good strength and whiteness in neutral packaging - 100% WEPA Quality

1lagig/ 1ply 2lagig / 2ply
Lebensmittelecht nach XXXVI Empfehlung

Do business clean:

–no problem with our towel rolls for commercial kitchens, catering, gas stations, tanning salons etc. For places which include radiant hygiene and high suction power.

Take advantage of high strength, high whiteness and of different dimensions and linear meters. All products have a EU Ecolabel certification and are suitable for direct contact with food.

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