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WEPA Professional - The design rings


WEPA Professional adds a splash of colour! - Make your WEPA dispenser match your corporate image, your colour concept, or your lavatory with the interchangeable design ring ....

WEPA Professional - The dispenser assortment

WEPA Dispenser

The dispenser series by WEPA Professional - Great design, first-class functionality and quality.

The WEPA washroom generator


Do a picture! - With the WEPA dispenser configurator you place your favorite WEPA dispenser in bathroom or toilet, and provided it with the desired design ring color.
Marketdriven:  to store, to view and to present in front of customers, clients or colleagues.

 The HANDS ON campagin of WEPA

The HANDS ON campaign from WEPA

"Hand hygiene" is something that has to be learned!
WEPA Professional is starting a campaign with the slogan "Hands-on!" for better hand hygiene in nurseries, day-care centres and many other public facilities...

WEPA Professional -FAQ-List


Questions in regards to the dispenser-series? - Check the attached FAQ-Overview with further information, tips, tricks etc. ...

WEPA Professional -
Dispenser Brochure 2014

WEPA Spenderbroschüre - Dispenser Brochure

The complete dispenser series at a glance? All about the USPs, on benefits, design rings etc. Now to read in the current dispenser brochure.

WEPA Dispenser Range - Persuading Arguments

A clever locking system, simple and easy installation, safe packaging and internationally understandable instructions. - That is top-class service provided by WEPA Professional....

You have a defect or malfunction on a WEPA Professional dispenser?
Simply complete the claim form and send it to your WEPA Professional dealer service provider.

In the short term, we will contact you with information, questions or a specific solution.

U hebt een defect of een storing in een WEPA Professional-dispenser?
Vul het claimformulier in en stuur het naar uw WEPA Professional dealer serviceprovider.

Op korte termijn nemen we contact met u op met informatie, vragen of een specifieke oplossing.