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The "restroom-pig" a genus that everyone knows

Arnsberg in Oktober 2016 - Scarcely uses soap, water-repellent and covered in influenza. This species is found in practically every public restroom. Skilfully avoiding soap dispensers, taps and the paper towel dispenser in a carefree slalom, wholly unconcerned about hand hygiene.

“It’s all just a bunch of hysteria from hygiene hypochondriacs!” teases the restroom pig sarcastically when it leaves the restroom, a habitat in which it is so very uncomfortable. All without ever getting a single speck of soap or water on its hooves of course. If only every one of these crowned slobs would simply activate and use touchless soap and paper towel dispensers!

So it is the world over – petri dishes for all kind of viruses and host to any number of unappetising bacteria.

Somewhat further developed is the “washroom water piglet” species. Whilst this species does shy away from the soap dispenser, it has been observed to at least venture over to the tap in the wild, sometimes even to the paper towel dispenser. But the washroom water piglet is still not clear of viruses since the soap necessary to do this never even reaches its precious paws.

Of course there are also creatures in the washroom wilderness that do make use of the soap dispensers, the water and the paper towels. They know that hygiene is never a matter of hysterics but that it is always important. Without them, flu viruses would feel particularly welcome here in the washroom!
“What luck”, think these clever washroom creatures whilst they do a thorough job cleaning their hands with soap and drying them.
The flu viruses think the same thing about the washroom pigs they have hitched an easy ride on.

What a mess! Poor hand hygiene in washrooms

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