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The new 2018 dispenser brochure

When we think about washroom hygiene, we ask ourselves what a dispenser should be like and how it should look. Above all, it should be intuitive to operate, hygienic, economical and reliable. Reliable for users, fitters and retailers.

In addition to all that, it must be well integrated into the washroom: compact and small, suitable for the frequency of use and with a neutral and unobtrusive design.Functional and compact in their shape, those are our guidelines that have accompanied the continued development of the WEPA Professional dispenser series over the past year. You can find the initial results of this development work in this new dispenser brochure for 2018.

An example is our new mini series soap foam dispenser, which fits into even the smallest niche thanks to its reduced size, a lock on both sides and the opening to the front. The sensors of both dispensers have been completely reworked. Or check out the new AutoCut Midi dispenser with around 20% less volume compared to its bigger brother.

Just give our products a try! The current dispenser brochure is now available in PDF form from our download area, and can be sent to you quickly and easily by email. You can request the print version of our dispenser brochure here.

The new dispenser brochure 2018



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