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WEPA Professional presents WEPA liquify – the product families for dissolving and fast-dissolving hygienic paper. Developed specially for use on buses, trains, aircraft, passenger and cruise ships, for travel and camping, at events and concerts...In short, for all areas with a vulnerable infrastructure and small and inadequate toilet pipes.

The special recipe for WEPA liquify towels and facial tissues prevent them from tearing or disintegrating when in use. They do not come apart when they come into contact with wet fingers. These products only begin to decompose after prolonged contact with water.

WEPA liquify toilet paper products also have a special texture that makes this hygienic paper safe and soft to use, and can afterwards be flushed away especially quickly.

All three products were tested and approved by the external Centre Technique du Papier in seven stages, passing the vacuum pump test with flying colours and setting new standards for dissolving time in accordance with French standard NF34Q20 (dissolving time for hygienic paper).

You can find out more about WEPA liquify in the separate brochure, in the relevant technical data sheets (paper towels, toilet paper, facial tissues).

Click here for the WEPA liquify video:

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