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Pilot studies suggest a higher microbial load in hospital washrooms that use air hand dryers

Winter time is flu season, unfortunately. Sadly, this winter was characterized by a particularly long and strong annual flu epidemic. The Robert Koch Institute reported a total of 53,872 cases of influenza at the end of February. In times of such a flu epidemic, it is more necessary than ever to pay attention to a particularly meticulous hand hygiene.

Last but not least, a look into the washrooms of hospitals and surgeries should be arranged, in which influenza plagued, but also many other patients, visitors and staff are increasingly encountered in the flu season.

The researchers found in a pilot study, among other things: "There were some significant differences and a generally lower level of microbial contamination in washrooms equipped with paper towels than in washrooms with jet air dryer. A wider range of microbes was recovered from the jet air dryer washroom, the floor and dryer unit were more heavily contaminated, and mean counts of microorganisms recovered from air were 1.6 times higher." Even though the scientists point out that longitudinal studies would be necessary to make even more reliable statements, it seems clear: paper towels along with comprehensive hygiene and proper hand washing contribute to the containment of pathogens. The use of paper towels also protects against dangerous and invisible "cross-contamination", which can arise especially when drying hands with terry towels or by turbulence in the air flow or jet air dryer.

WEPA Professional - Important contribution to hygiene in public washrooms

As a Europe-wide leading manufacturer of paper towels, also made of 100% recycled quality, WEPA has been making an important contribution to public washroom health for decades. Thanks to innovative paper dispenser systems, partly with sensor technology, other contagion flocks can be easily and elegantly bypassed. Thanks to non-contact leaf removal, you will not even get to know dangerous germs.



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