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All new ... for March
WEPA presents: The new Mini and Plus Sensor Soap/Foam Dispensers

The function and capability of the completely new interior mechanism is sure to impress. The dispenser's electrical system has been revised and features a high level of reliability and efficiency.The dispenser's installation height was reduced from 30 to 20 cm. The removable battery compartment allows for quick and easy battery changing. The new sensor activates the dispenser all by itself when the cover is closed. - An easily visible LED light in the base of the dispenser informs you that a cover is open, that the battery is charging and that the soap or foam is being dispensed.

The new WEPA Sensor Soap/Foam Dispenser can now be run from the mains as well as from battery power. Simply use the mini USB connection at the rear and connect it to the local mains adapter.

One dispenser! Many advantages! - If you want to find out more about this, we have the perfect tutorial for you right HERE.

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