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"Golden times" - for WEPA prestige facial tissues

In autumn "golden times" for facial tissue starts!

On September 1st , WEPA Professional provides a new design of the facial box ...

WEPA prestige facial tissues 100 sheets 2-ply (Ref: 206 030)

Look forward to ....

  • a more "neutral" design - suitable for all areas of application such as hotels, restaurants, cosmetic shops etc.
  • a "luxury" phenomenon - which further emphasizes the high-quality-content
  • text and descr"+"iptions purely on the box bottom - should the box placed be "free" ie are not placed in the dispenser.
  • and a large free space around the Paper Output Slot - should be used in the dispenser the box yet times.

After selling the current design we are to the above mentioned new switch.
The layout change only affects the external appearance!
All other parameters such as Quality, item number, EAN, carton, palletizing etc. remain unaffected by this design change.
And even if the packaging is high quality - your purchase price remains the same!

You will find the matching, technical data sheet with all the detailed information here.

For further information or sample requests, please contact your contact person at WEPA Professional.


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