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WEPA liquify - the 200% hygienic paper


WEPA liquify - this is the new product series of dissolving and fast-dissolving hygiene papers.

100% safe to use - 100% fast dissolving!

Developed for all high risk areas of raw clogging e.g. for airplanes, ships, railways, for camping and events or for all areas with narrow or obsolete pipelines.

All qualities of the WEPA liquify family can be used like conventional hygiene papers. In contrast to the comparable qualities of our competitors, WEPA liquify remains "tear-resistant" in the application - a trouble-free cloth removal is thus guaranteed. Only after prolonged contact with water do WEPA liquify towel and facial tissues begin to decompose. WEPA liquify toilet paper, on the other hand, dissolves rapidly!

WEPA liquify stands for:

  • a minimized risk of pipe blockage
  • lower maintenance, repair or cleaning needs
  • always fully functional laundry and sanitary facilities
  • and thus improved hygiene and user satisfaction

The range currently includes towel tissues V- and Z-fold, toilet paper and facial tissues

Click here for the matching WEPA liquify brochure.

More information can be found in the WEPA liquify video.


Quality - for sure


 WEPA liquify was tested by a reputable vacuum pump manufacturer, in the in-house WEPA laboratory (standard: NF Q34-020) and at the Center Technique du Papier in Grenoble.

The exact test results and test reports can be found below ...


WEPA liquify - Towel Tissue

WEPA liquify - Facial Tissue

WEPA liquify -Toilet Paper