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Learn hygiene easy!
The HANDS-ON campaign from WEPA Professional

Our hands are our most important "tool". Every day you come with a variety of people and objects and unfortunately also with viruses and bacteria in touch. Proper hand washing and then drying is still the best protection against infection and disease.
But "proper hand washing" to be learned! Under the motto "HANDS ON!" WEPA Professional starts a campaign for more hand hygiene in kindergartens, day care centers and public facilities.

9 different motif lines are especially designed to motivate preschoolers for use of toilet paper, soap and towel dispensers and thus provide for a self-evident dealing with daily hand hygiene.

Small contribution! Great effect!

Many children = high risk for the transmission of viruses and bacteria and thus the contagion of diseases!

Daily hygiene and a natural use of toilet paper, soap and towel dispensers minimizes active disease risk!
Regular hand hygiene or "Proper hand washing" it is an essential ingredient for a healthy growing up.

The HANDS-ON campaign of WEPA Professional offers nine funny subject lines for sticking on the current dispenser series.
For all ages - for every taste! Always permanent, waterproof, hygienic and easy to clean.

On request, free of charge to any WEPA Professional dispenser!

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** NOTE: The intermediate sale is reserved! - Variations in shape, size and / or color is due to technical reasons.